29 décembre 2009

Welcome on board!

This is my first post in English; I just wanted to keep it understable for my English speaking friends!

So, let's start the fun, I would like to introduce you to my new blog. I can see that some of you already have questions: "Why a blog? What's the hell is this for a name?"

Why a blog?

I'm really passionate about creating "jewellery", with Swarosky beads and Fimo (Polymer clay). I would like to share it with you, and of course get better and better and better...!

What's the hell is this for a name?

"Patouille" is a French word which means "playing with paste". It's not a really high French word, but it means very well what I usually do!

"Claire", well it's just my first name!

As I'm off, I will post you some pics tomorrow, but I had to wait for the sun to shine at least a bit, and this f...ing sun didnt' want to show up in the last days...

So, wait and see my dears!

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